3D Mechanical Design

3D Software expertise in Pro Engineer/Creo, Solidworks and AutoCad Inventor.

Experience with creating complex assemblies and developing technical drawings for manufacturing.


Web & Graphic Design

Software expertise in Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop, Fireworks and Corel. I am experienced with product and branding development, ground up business web design, SEO and marketing consultation.

Research & Environmental Projects

I founded OilDependency.Org in 2005. In 2009 changed the organization name to OurOilDependency.Org. The web site is dedicated to providing primary and secondary research/resources to help analyze our increasing addiction to fossil fuels and to help dissect the proposed alternatives.
Zelen Energy began as a residential wind turbine experiment in 2007. Now several dozen designs later we have two pilot projects installed in southern Illinois. The word "Zelen" is a Slavic translation for "Green". Zelen Energy is structured as a consulting business which consists of my brother Shawn Coyle, and myself. Our passion for generating electricity stems from two generations of electricians; our Grandfather and late Father who gave us much of our inspiration and knowledge. We now offer consultation for small scale solar, wind and geothermal. We have also added AEP Energy Solutions to our list of services. Through AEP we offer competitive Retail Electricity, Green Energy Credits and Demand Side Management.

Community Service & Other Projects

I designed and maintain St.Bruno Catholic School's web site. I am also an active school board member and help run the school's green initiative and Earth Day celebrations. Recently I worked with Amber Glynn, a teacher and head of the green initiative at St.Bruno, on writing a Illinois Solar Energy grant. After much hard work Amber and I were able to get the school a $10,000 grant for a new solar panel system.
My passion for Environmental Education led me to my credentials as a LEED Accredited Professional. I wanted to further my understanding of green design not only from a renewable energy perspective but from an architectural, civil and building-systems point of view. I acquired my credentials through the United States Green Building Council and the Green Building Certification Institute.

Other Fun Projects

Green-E Exercise Bike. The bikes were built for St.Bruno Earth day Celebration as a demonstration for how power is generated by turning magnets against coils (or vice versa). Two different designs: the first project we converted a 10 speed mountain bike; the second we converted an exercise bike.
Panorama Gallery- armed with a professional camera that has stitch assist, I began making wide shot frames from places that I have visite. The first series is from a trip I took to Shanghai, China. More to come soon!
Skinny Pig Condo - I was asked to help build a skinny pig (hairless guinea pig) cage for a 4th grade classroom. In effort to make a seemingly simple project more complex the result was a two story condo, with windows, skylights, ramps, deck and full lighting system. See the gallery »

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